Whats in buying a second hand boat from a private seller ?

1 sometimes plenty

2 sometimes you just jump on and sail

In this case the 16sq needs some attention that it hasn’t received for a long time.

normally once you start it just keeps going, 

A little bit here ..a lot more there and so on, but this can also have it’s rewards as the finished product gives you a sense of achievement... if you are patient 

If your not confident in doing this, your local dealer can sought out any problems you might have while you sleep :) this way you just drop off and pick up and more and more people prefer this with their busy lives.

I should also point out that a pull down at home can also see parts snap and without the right tools or knowledge can see yourself in a world of trouble.

I will update this as i go...normally pretty quick :)

The first 2 pictures you never want to see, it's a wonder the beam has not collapsed.


A few new toys for the boat Harken Mainsheet Blocks with the nice soft sheet,usually found on spinnakers. A couple of new inspection hatches. New rudder blocks, etc.

with older boats i find that you can have tiny fractures in the gelcoat join line, these might just look like small pencil lines, i believe it's this that can let water in as they flex so i'm re-doing mine.

I must point out that Gelcoat is NOT HUMAN FRIENDLY and can inhibit blood cells from absorbing oxygen, something you might want to think about. always use proper gear in a well ventilated area...that dose not mean a garage with a window, do it outside.

This is what it should look like when your finished....this needs a light sand to bring it back into perspective.

Always tape over your stripes if you want them to remain there

while you buff/polish...and even then stay of them :)

What ever you do to your boat is never going to take 5 minutes, if you think an hour then double it and if your fussy add 2 more.

Clean the bolts up with a wire brush and apply lanolin to all bolts and the main rod and compression tube that runs through the beam. Silicone is your friend  apply a liberal amount to the mating surfaces of the beam strap, 

New Strap on and the height starting to look better, Final adjustment will be done once the beam is lock down to both hulls. If you have trouble putting this strap on,put it on one side "just", then the other.. and slowly work it down each side at a time...try and not use a hammer as the bolts can slide down.. and you might find yourself in some trouble then.

Rear transom resprayed in satin black...There's nothing worse than a gloss finish where it's not meant to be.

For all you guy's that no me, I love doing boats and enjoy all the things that can go with doing them up...... wrong or Right. Call it a hobby of love that gives me great satisfaction, This also gives me an outlet to spend money on something i love rather than rubbish..

Has anyone tried the new 16 Sq Top ?????? 

One Hull back on Just :)

New Rigging with the new eye ends, There a work of art and i plan on running a spin so theses are a little different than your average end ....are they a better choice than what were use to....It's your choice, I use to just tape them up like most and that was fine.

These have to be my favourite for holding the stays etc, Theses are very well made and heavy duty.

 And thats it for the rigging !!

Finished Hull 2 Today...Fit Thursday

Got the boat back together today with just the rudders left

More to come.

So close to the water.... !! Nice Camera Pole..thats very important 

Who ever said you can't put eyelets in while the tramps on......didn't have a bigger enough Block of Wood 

Finished !!

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Comment by tim richards on February 8, 2014 at 8:22pm

I think your right,I have tried a few whites in auto paint,I am talking about very small touch up repairs like chips and things not a respray and just cant match it

Going to order a halyard any way so may as well get some while I am at it

Comment by Dave on February 8, 2014 at 7:19pm

Hi Tim, The boys over at Brisbane Catamaran Centre would be able to supply you with a small quantity of the Gelcoat you need and there prices i have found to be very good, Just because there a dealer doesn't mean you get charged any more, infact the guy at the paint shop would more than likely charge you more. Hope this helps and keep sailing 

Comment by David B on February 8, 2014 at 7:06pm

Hi tim nice to see you on your boat. Most manufactures have there special mix so i'm not sure if you can colour match it, you will probably get close and you might be lucky and get it first time but it's like cars i would think.

Comment by tim richards on February 8, 2014 at 7:00pm

Hey Dave

   I am doing up one myself,biggest trouble is matching the paint/gel coat if anyone knows I would love to hear(except buy some from nacra dealer) 


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