Division 8  CBH results  Start : 10:10      

Place Sail No Boat Name              Elapsd    TCF TCF Cor d T Skipper       Class                 Fin Tim ETOrd

    1     538 NATURAL BORN KILLER   02:26:53 85.500    02:51:48 M Towell      YVONNE                     12:36:53     3
    2    1732 JUST DO IT!                    02:28:58 78.000    03:10:59 S Thomas      MosquitoCat(Spin)    12:38:58     4
    3    1626 RAM RAIDER                   02:08:44 67.000    03:12:08 J Southall    Nacra5.8S(Spin)          12:18:44     2
    4  AUS073 TWO DOGS                  02:07:49 65.500    03:15:08 T Wright      Taipan5.7WSpin           12:17:49     1
    5    1744 SPLASHES OF BRILLIAN   02:36:27 77.000    03:23:11 P Dunk        Mosquito Sloop(Spin)   12:46:27     6
    6      77 SUNSET STRIP                  02:31:51 70.000    03:36:56 P Short       Aclass(standard)            12:41:51     5
    7     592 HALFWAY HOUSE            02:37:13 70.000    03:44:36 D Peters      Aclass(standard)           12:47:13     7
    8   28631 HOBIE-1                        03:15:10 82.500    03:56:34 T Rodgers     Hobie16                     13:25:10     8
    9     373 NO NAME                       03:33:45 86.500    04:07:07 T Wooley      Nacra4.5                      13:43:45     9
  DNC     068 WHITE KNUCKLES                65.500             K Luitjes     Taipan5.7WSpin                     
  DNC     455 THE BLACK SHEEP               85.500             S Meathrel    YVONNE                             
  DNC     512 FELIX                         85.500             D Broadbent   YVONNE                             
  DNC     618 KNUCKLEHEAD                   79.000             J Cuthbertson Nacra5.2                           
  DNC    1658 WORK IN PROGRESS              82.000             K Luitjes     MosquitoSloop(MK2)                 
  RET     118 GRINKARI                      70.000             M McGuire     Taipan5.7                          
  RET     124 TOO EASY                      65.500             M Crouch      Taipan5.7WSpin                     
  RET     127 SAGGITARIAN                   84.000             R Eadie       Sundance 5.0                       
  RET     139 VIRGEL                        85.500             R Andrew      CALYPSO 16                         
  RET     306 REAL SCREAMER                 71.000             C Rollas      BlackWitch                         
  RET     527 MISTRESS                      71.000             A Blacker     Stingray MkII ......               
  RET     581 WILD TURKEY                   71.000             B Lienert     Stingray MkII ......               
  RET     585 CRASH N BURN                  71.000             T Lienert     Stingray MkII ......               
  RET    1040 STILETTO                      82.000             M Ashforth    MosquitoSloop(MK2)                 
  RET    1210 COLD FUSION                   72.000             M Butcher     Nacra5.8S                          
  RET    1474 RUNNING ON EMPTY              72.000             T Foristal    Nacra5.8S                          
  RET    1633 TEN TENTHS                    72.000             M Vaughan     Nacra5.8S                          
  RET    1708 SONIC                         89.500             B Pearsons    Arrow                              
  RET   75799 ECHO BEACH                    82.500             G Shearing    Hobie16                            
  RET   75817 JACANA                        82.500             R Flint       Hobie16                            
  RET   96260 KINSALE REGATTA               82.500             J Ahern       Hobie16                            
  RET  109845 POLE POSITION                 82.500             K Zuber       Hobie16                            
  RET  109982 JOGA BONITO                   82.500             C Cutts       Hobie16                            
  RET  110606 SIDEWINDER                    82.500             P Yates       Hobie16                            
  RET  113628 FLY NOW                       82.500             D Singh       Hobie16                            
  RET  AUS110 ANGRY PIRATE                  70.000             M Attwood     Taipan5.7                          
  RET  AUS403 SPEED RACER                   68.500             E Barrett     F16                                
  RET   KA359 KNOT 2 LATE                   82.500             J Brooks      Hydra        

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Comment by Robbie Andrew on February 12, 2014 at 3:13pm

I've seen it on ebay a lot, always wondered if it would be any good but if you can vouch for it then I'll do it! Thanks

Comment by Kamil Zuber on February 12, 2014 at 2:59pm

Get this book:

"Catamaran Sailing: From Start to Finish" by Phil Berman

It's awesome. I found a used one for $20 on ebay.

Comment by Robbie Andrew on February 12, 2014 at 1:09pm

Sure thing, I think it's going to be that way for a while which is fine by me, as long as I'm on the water. Feel free to send me through some more advice!

Comment by Jeff Southall on February 12, 2014 at 12:53pm

Glad to hear it Robbie, remember it's a race within a race for you and that should make it more fun wherever you are in the fleet there will be somebody next to you that you want to go faster than, it took two years of sailing at Kingson before I didn't come last. I saw your video and I've got a couple more tips for you

Comment by Robbie Andrew on February 12, 2014 at 12:42pm

"everyone blasting off assuming the people in front of them were going the right way" hit the nail on the head as far as what I did. At least they were headed to Goolwa. Mega pumped for the 23rd! I'll be 1up, flying past everyone else I'm sure!

Comment by Jeff Southall on February 12, 2014 at 12:37pm

Goolwa Regatta Club committee had independent jury hear the protests, most of the protests were thrown out because they were too vague, like someone saying they went round the mark but couldn't list anyone that saw them. Your point about protesting the committee regarding the mark position is valid but the jury found that the SI's stated you must keep the buoy to port and lets face it how many boats sailed by digital navigation. IMO the problem was everyone blasting off assuming the people in front of them were going the right way, I started following then realised the fleet was climbing real high heading for Narrung not Point Sturt so I went low and slow in the dirty air, that's why I saw the mark because I was a little above the lay line to Pt Sturt not a km or so higher. You did complete your own race guys you raced against 30 cats that missed the mark and you raced from Milang to Goolwa. The missed mark was put in the course because under Aus regulations if you go a certain distance from land you have to have e-pirb, radio, flares etc so if the authorities wanted to they could have booked the bulk of the multihull fleet. Look forward to seeing you at Meningie on the 23rd, chase me up before the race and I will point out the course and point out where the gully winds are to watch out for.  

Comment by Kamil Zuber on February 12, 2014 at 12:00pm

One trailer sailer guy showed me track recorded by his GPS and it was 800-1000m to the West from the SI position. I found old SI for the last year Pt. Sturt race and it reads "An orange mark at 35°27'12.00"S 139° 0'10.84" approximately 1.5km E off the point of Reedy Island at a distance of 5.5km and bearing 160 degrees from the Start " so I believe that this is it's actual position

Comment by Robbie Andrew on February 12, 2014 at 10:36am

That's a great point Kamil, I wonder the same thing. Was it ever definitively concluded that the mark was in the wrong spot? 

Comment by Kamil Zuber on February 12, 2014 at 10:08am

We had fun, that's what matters :) 
Just for future reference, I'm not so good at formalities and still learning this part, do you know what would happen if someone protested the race committee for this buoy? In the racing rules of sailing I found point 34 on a missing mark - page 22 http://www.sailing.org/tools/documents/ISAFRRS20132016Final-[13376].pdf
I hate protests but it appears that in some extreme cases you have to deal with it.

Comment by Robbie Andrew on February 12, 2014 at 6:22am

It was a great race but yes, shame it will be marred by the mark controversy...and just when I thought I'd actually finished a race for once 


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